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Clear Polycarbonate Circles And Discs, Clear Lexan Circles And Discs

Here is a great selection of polycarbonate circles and polycarbonate discs.
We do not polish the edges; our edges have a nice machined (routed) finish (laser cutting and flame polishing leads to eventual stress-cracks).

Polycarbonate Circles and Discs are clear and approx. 200 times stronger than glass.

See the respective material pages for material properties and thickness tolerance. Diameter tolerance is +/-  3/32".  Concentricity Tolerance +/-  3/32".  Note that it is your responsibility to smooth any sharp edges.

 Are you looking for polycarbonate circles or polycarbonate discs?  We offer a great selection of polycarbonate circles and polycarbonate discs made right here in the USA in our Painesville Township, Ohio facility.  Some of the uses are: Protecting table tops of end tables and dining tables allowing you to see your table through the clear polycarbonate disc, or see menus, photos, and advertisements placed beneath.  Polycarbonate circles are great as a base for the display of art, figurines, statues, and other items.  These can also be used as a base for polycarbonate tubes, industrial sight windows, view windows, or craft projects.  Others use these as polycarbonate cake circles and polycarbonate cake boards to support their baked goods and cakes.

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Take a look at our great selection of clear discs made of polycarbonate and Lexan.  We have done the hard work for you by machining it into a nice clear round circle.

More uses for acrylic plexiglass circles and discs are:

  • Protecting table tops with a clear Lexan circle.  See through but keep the furniture from getting scratched
  • Displays.  Many displays require a round polycarbonate disc or circle.  These are incorporated into displays that need a Lexan clear disc
  • As a base for figurines, statues, models
  • As a cake circle to support your cakes and pastries.  Use spacers to create many levels of cake display
  • Use as a platform to show off your baked goods.  Our clear polycarbonate circles are perfect for this
  • Our Lexan and polycarbonate circles are used for windows and where a nice clear circle is needed
  • Industrial machines use our circles as a clear circular viewing point

Take a look at our extensive inventory of Lexan polycarbonate discs and circles and let us know if you need any more information.

Clear plastic circles are made in the USA right here in Ohio of the finest clear plastic.  These plastic discs are round within tolerances specified and are very popular with display companies and aquarium makers.  Lexan and polycarbonate can be glued together using the proper glue or cement for a nice, tight bond.

Custom Cut Information:

We do not custom cut plastic circles and plastic discs. However if you need 5 or more of a particular size not shown, email or call and we can quote you a price.


3/8 Thick X 20 Diameter Polycarbonate Circle $90.00 $81.00 Sale PCC3820

Polycarbonate Circles are Light Weight and Have Superior Impact Strength. Machined Edges.
Clear. Approx. 200 Times Stronger Than Glass. Also Known as Polycarbonate Discs.
Our Machined Edges are Superior To Laser Cutting (Laser Cutting Creates Heat-Stress Cracks).

See the respective material pages for material properties and thickness tolerance. Diameter tolerance is +/-  3/32".
Concentricity Tolerance +/-  3/32". 
Dimensions are in inches unless otherwise specified.

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Please Note: On all plastic materials, dimensions are in INCHES unless otherwise specified.
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