Screw Top Bucket Lid

Screw Top Bucket Lid
Screw Top Bucket Lids

There is a bucket lid that screws on top of a pail or bucket that gives you easy access to the contents.  We have that lid! Spin on and spin off with the twist of the wrist.  Snap the adapter ring on a 3-1/2 to 7 gallon pail that has a standard rim and simply screw on the lid.  You now have a handy storage container with a screw top for easy access.  Use your screw top bucket for storage of grains, seeds, flour, tools, baking supplies, fertilizer, rock salt, or anything you want to store and have quick screw top access.

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Bucket lids with a screw top:

  • A top that screws on top of a pail or bucket
  • Twist off bucket lid
  • Twister lid
  • As a lid for a bucket that has a screw top
  • Screw top lid for a bucket to store items
  • Storage with a twist on lid
  • Twister lids spin on and off
  • Storage with a twist off lid
  • Round lid for buckets that screw off and on
  • Easy to open lid that is round and rotates open
  • Rotational motion lid for a pail that is very easy to open and very easy to close
  • Twist top bucket lid
  • Easy-access lid for a bucket that screws on and off

What is a screw top bucket lid? A screw top bucket lid is a plastic lid that firmly attaches to the top of a bucket or pail and converts it into an easy-access storage container.  An adapter ring attaches to the top of the pail or bucket which allows the screw top to rotate in and out of the ring, creating a container with a screw top lid.


Here are some examples of screw top bucket lids and twist off bucket tops:

Bucket lid with a screw top Screw lid top for bucket
3 screw top bucket lids for pails and buckets Twister top bucket lid lid

It's so nice to simply screw the lid on and off of your bucket to easily access your contents.  No need to pry off a stubborn lid every time you want to get in.  Just rotate the bucket lid one way to remove the lid and rotate the pail lid another way to tighten it down.  We have thousands of these lids on hand and available so place your order for your screw off bucket lid today!