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Tank Connection Fitting
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Tank Connection Fitting Tank Connector Fitting
Tank Connection Fitting Tank Connection Fitting


What is a tank connection fitting?  A tank connection fitting is a metal or plastic attachment that is used to securely connect pipe or plumbing through the wall of a tank.  A tank connection fitting is also known as a bolted tank fitting, a bulkhead fitting, or a tank connector fitting.

Some of the uses for a tank connector include:

  • Connecting pipe to a tank
  • Connect a drain to a tank with a tank connector
  • Use a tank connection fitting as a drain
  • Chemical tank connections with a fitting
  • Recreational vehicle RV water tank and waste tank connections
  • Connection through a bulkhead or boat hull
  • Well water connection adapter fitting
  • Tank connection on a plastic tank
  • Metal tank connection for pipe
  • Tank connector through the wall
  • Water tank outlet
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  • Through the wall bulkhead fitting
  • Connection through the tank wall
  • Tank inlet
  • Tank outlet
  • Tank inlet connector
  • Tank outlet connector
  • Tank adapter
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  • Water tank connector
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tank conector fitting tank connection fitting tank adapterInside the tank view of tank connection fittings

We have the tank connection fitting and tank connector you need.  We have bolted stainless steel tank connector fittings, bolted polypropylene tank connection fittings, plastic tank connection fittings, and we also have rain barrel tank connector fitting kits.    Everything in one place for all your through the wall connection needs.  Go to one of the linked connector fitting for tanks pages to see available tank connection fittings and prices.



So, you have a tank and you ask, how do I attach the plumbing?  You need a tank connector fitting.  Most tanks are too thin to tap for your plumbing; you need to get a nice deep thread for proper seal.  One of our tank connection fittings can do the trick.  All you need is access to the inside so you can push the gasketed tank connector through the wall (after you drill the holes) and then you secure it from the outside with the included backup plate and nuts or by installing the large included nut (depending on which fitting you choose). You may have to retighten the tank connection fitting from time to time as the gasket compresses.  Note that bulkhead tank connectors with a single large nut are usually have left-hand threads for the installation nut.  They also have a buttress thread so a certain side of the nut must be facing out.  Do not flip it around!


How do I install a tank connector fitting?  After you receive your fitting you will be able to see the hole pattern and drill the hole(s).  Once the hole(s) are drilled in your tank you need access to the inside of the tank to install the tank connector fitting through your hole(s).  Then you will secure the tank connection fitting from the outside of the tank.  To guide it into a remote area of your tank you can put a rope or line through the hole and guide your bulkhead fitting or tank connection fitting down the rope or line.  Make sure to follow the torque specifications and it's extremely important that you use anti-seize on the nuts and studs.