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Polycarbonate Sheet & Lexan® Sheet

Need something clear, strong, and almost unbreakable? This
material is 200-250 times stronger than glass! Known by trade names
such as Lexan, Tuffak, Makrolon, and Hyzod. High tensile strength. Clear,
strong, and tough. Excellent for windows in high-crime areas. Easy machining.
Available With Ultraviolet  Protection. Add to Cart to See UV Option



Polycarbonate sheet all thicknesses

Polycarbomate sheet is an amazing material.  Clear and strong, polycarbonate sheet may be used for a variety of applications for industrial, school, home office and a multitude of other uses for polycarbonate sheets.  Cut to size polycarbonate sheet is our specialty.  We can cut most polycarbonate sheets to size.
What is polycarbonate sheet?  Polycarbonate sheet is a clear, strong, tough plastic material  that has an impact resistance 200 to 250 times stronger than glass. 
Polycarbonate is used in a wide array of applications. We have a complete line of lexan polycarbonate sheets for sale at  We carry clear polycarbonate panels for home and industrial sheet needs and yes, we can custom cut lexan panels and sheet to size on our large computerized custom cutting plastics saw.  We have many thicknesses including 1/8" thick, 3/16" thick, 1/4" thick, 3/8" thick, and 1/2" thick polycarbonate.  You can click on the thickness links to find the polycarbonate lexan that you need.  When you add a sheet to your cart you will see custom cut size menus and simply answer the questions to get your lexan custom sized.  
We have many polycarbonate sheet  formats including 6" x 12", 12" X 12", 24" X 12", 48" x 96" polycarbonate and a whole lot more.  Go to the respective pages to see many more custom sizes of polycarbonate.  Although polycarbonate sheets are available in many colors and also smoked grey and tinted gray, has a full inventory of clear lexan and only clear polycarbonate sheets for sale immediately.  We specialize in clear sheets and have a 10,000 square foot warehouse in Ohio full of plastic material.  We will cut it to your size just for you as soon as we get your polycarbonate sheet order.    We have low low prices, some say cheap prices on polycarbonate sheet, but remember that you get what you pay for.  We carry only the highest quality polycarbonate and we have thousand of polycarbonate sheet sizes in stock.  If you need polycarbonate panels cut to size, polycarbonate full size sheets, or lexan sheets, has got you covered and again, we will custom cut to most sizes that you may need per our custom cutting rules.  Try this stuff for a super tough material when you need something clear to do the job instead of glass .  

Clear polycarbonate sheets may be known by many trade names including:

  • Tuffak Polycarbonate Sheets
  • Lexan Polycarbonate Sheet
  • Makrolon Polycarbonate Sheet
  • Paltuf Polycarbonate Sheets
  • Monogal Polycarbonate Sheet
  • Marlon Polycarbonate Sheet
  • Merlon polycarbonate Sheets
  • Hyzod Polycarbonate Sheet
  • Cyrolon polycarbonate Sheet
  • Zelux Polycarbonate Sheet
  • Ensicar Polycarbonate Sheet
  • Unicar Polycarbonate Sheet
  • Texin Polycarbonate Sheets
  • Apex Polycarbonate Sheet
  • Covestro Polycarbonate Sheets

What is polycarbonate lexan used for?  Polycarbonate lexan glazing for windows.  It is used as sheet in machinery guards and industrial assemblies because it is clear and strong, 200-250 times stronger than glass.  You may use it for windows, displays, greenhouse windows, table tops and table coverings.  Lexan sheet is great for outdoor projects, security windows, and to help prevent crime because polycarbonate is see through yet tough.  
Polycarbonate can be fabricated and glued using experienced methods and bending press brake of lexan is also possible.  So if you need a clear shatter resistant and strong sheet of polycarbonate take a look at our prices which may just well be cheaper than home depot, Lowes and Menards lexan prices.  We will work hard to ship your order in a timely manner because every order is important.  Information on this page is deemed reliable but not guaranteed so see the respective thickness pages for tolerances, etc.  Also known by trade names such as tuffak, hyzod, makrolon, and others. Buy your lexan and polycarbonate from us today!  Again, we custom cut to your size on our HUGE plastic panel cutting saw.

We also have polycarbonate sheet with an ultraviolet protection option which protects the material and things behind it from UV rays.  

Below is some specs on Monogal polycarbonate sheet.  This covers different types of sheet so not all specs apply to ours.  Polycarbonate sheet specifications:


High quality extruded polycarbonate sheets

Monogal (Plazcarb) Polycarbonate extruded sheet is a very durable sheet that has high impact resistance. Monogal is stronger, usable in a higher temperature range and has better light transmission than many kinds of glass. Half the weight of glass and virtually unbreakable, Monogal sheets meet the stringent demand of applications such as heavy machinery, automotive, safety and construction, skylights and flat or curved glazing for architectural applications. A special co-extruded layer is provided on one or both sides for enhanced long term weather resistance.


Features and Benefits

  • Virtually unbreakable
  • High impact resistance
  • High clarity & light transmission UV protective layer – 1 or 2 side High flame resistant
  • Half the weight of glass
  • Easy to machine, handle and install


  • Glazing
  • Roofing and windows
  • Wind shields
  • Noise reduction barriers
  • Street furniture
  • Lighting and signage Thermoforming, vacuum forming Fabricated parts
General Properties Method Units Value
Density ASTM D 792 g/cm3 1.2
Light transmission (Depending on thickness) ASTM D 1003 % 81 – 90
Refractive index ASTM D 542   1,585
Tensile Strength at yield ASTM D 638 PSI 9,300
Tensile Modulus ASTM D 638 PSI 335,620
Elongation at break ASTM D 638 % >100
Flexural Strength ASTM D 790 PSI 13,450
Flexural Modulus ASTM D 790 PSI 338,690
Rockwell hardness ASTM D 785 M-scale 70
Impact resistant – Izod Notched @0.125″ ASTM D 256 ft.lbs/in 18
Heat Deflection Temperature Under Load of 264 PSI ASTM D 648 oF 270
Vicat softening temp (50N) ASTM D 1525 oF 290
Coefficient of Thermal conductivity ASTM D 177 W/m x oC 0.2
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion – parallel ASTM D 696 BTU-in/hr-ft2 x oF 3.8 x 105
Flammability UL-94 oF HB to V0
Volume Resistivity ASTM D 257 Ω x cm 8.2 x 1016
Surface Resistivity, dry ASTM D 257 Ω 6 x 1015
Dissipation Factor 1Mhz ASTM D 150   0.009
Dissipation Factor 100Hz ASTM D 150   0.0006

** Flammability for Monogal Standard Grade: UL-94 HB (0.03″ to 0.39″) – Monogal F Grade: HL-94 V0 (from 0.08″ to 0.5″)