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Narrow Plastic Tanks, Small Polypropylene Tanks

Narrow Plastic Tanks 072717
Narrow Plastic Tanks, Industrial Narrow Polypropylene Tanks

narrow plastic tank

Heavy Duty 1/2" Thick Polypropylene Narrow Tank
Steel tube supports around the outside covered in polypropylene
1" thick top flange

Don't use stainles steel or coated steel.  Use plastic!  Custom fabricated narrow plastic tanks are resistant to many chemicals and NEVER rust.  Plastic Fabrication Services, Inc. (plastictanks.com) makes these under the same roof where we have the absolute highest quality (yes they cost a little more).  We custom fabricate tanks for just about any industry including tanks for plating.  Although these are small and narrow plastic tanks, we can do just about any size that you require, just send us a drawing or a sketch for a quote (industrial customers only). We make PVC plastic tanks, polypropylene plastic tanks, acrylic plastic tanks, tanks of polypro, PVDF and Kynar tanks, polycarbonate, and more.  Just ask.

Narrow plastic tanks are used for:
  • Industrial  electroplating 
  • Process tanks
  • Chrome plating at very low chromic concentration
  • Acid bath tanks
  • Cleaning process tanks
  • Fish respite tanks
  • Cleaning and degreasing of parts
  • Anodizing of aluminum processes
  • Photographic development and process

narrow plating tank
Narrow Plating Tank Made of Polypropylene
narrow polypropylene tank
Narrow Polypropylene Tank

We also have stock plastic tanks under the plastic tanks menu buttons. 
If our stock line won't work for you, give us a call or email us a sketch to discuss your plastic tank needs.
Fabricated plastic narrow tanks are for INDUSTRIAL CUSTOMERS ONLY!

small plating tank 
Plastic Small Plating Tank

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Please Note: On all plastic materials, dimensions are in INCHES unless otherwise specified.
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