Storm And Crime Protection

Our polycarbonate sheet is a flat, rigid product.  Thousands of people use it on their homes not only for crime protection, but also in the winter and summer to create an insulating air space between it and their regular windows to save on heating and cooling costs!

This page is for those in interested in our polycarbonate sheet for HEAVY WEATHER, STORM and CRIME PROTECTION.
What we have is a CLEAR, see through material that is 200-250 times stronger than glass. Our customers are using this to cover windows and doors for protection from storms, hurricane damage, and crime.

Please note that we are not builders or ballistics/structural engineers. We are not experts in whether or not it is "hurricane approved", accepted by your town's building codes, etc. That is up to you to determine. We are material suppliers. We sell an extremely strong and durable material; the rest is up to you.

Ask yourself:
"Do I want just glass on my windows, or polycarbonate which is 200-250 times stronger than glass?".
"If I threw a brick at my present window (even so-called hurricane windows), would it smash right through?"
With our polycarbonate sheet, most bricks, stones, rocks, baseball bats, two-by-fours, tools, etc. are deflected!

We ship to FLORIDA, CAROLINAS, TEXAS,  and ALL other coastal states every day.
We ship all over the USA. We have THOUSANDS of sheets in stock.