Thordarson Transformer Manual<b>NO LONGER AVAILABLE.  DO NOT ORDER

Thordarson Transformer ManualNO LONGER AVAILABLE. DO NOT ORDER

BOOK 22431 Thordarson Transformer ManualNO LONGER AVAILABLE. DO NOT ORDER

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Thordarson Transformer Manual by Thordarson Electric Mfg Co reprinted by Lindsay Publications Inc Inside the covers of this one book you get six different catalogs and manuals from the 1930's: Sound Amplifier Manual, Transmitter Guide, Serviceman's Guide, Radio Servicing Guide, Complete Transformer Catalog, and the "Tru-Fidelity" transformer guide. You get wall-to-wall info, schematics, parts lists, performance specs, etc on big push-pull audio amplifiers, modulators, microphone preamps, power supplies, and almost any type of electronic gear that used transformers and chokes... obviously... Thordardson was in the iron business: power transformers, filter chokes, audio interstage and output transformers, and even kits. Master Transformer Reference! Monster Tube Audio Amplifier Schematics! Transmitters, Preamps, Power Supplies! Tube Radio Repair Secrets! Six Different Manuals in One Book! Specifications, Schematics, How-to! You'll learn how to repair radios, build a condenser capacity and leakage tester, and measure and test unknown chokes and so much more. The transformer catalog is a gem if you frequent fleamarkets. Many of the items listed can be had for a dollar or two, and even free. You can cross check the numbers on the name plate to find the specs and then build that huge audio amp based on 845 or 800 triodes. You'll find this dovetails beautifully with the 1934 Shortwave Handbook and the 1935 Shortwave Handbook.This is ancient technology, but the parts certainly are available, most at low cost. If you don't know where, it's only because you haven't looked. Great reading! History, nostalgia, secrets, and useful electronic theory. You get it all here with wall-to-wall illustrations. Get a copy. Worth having. 8 1/2 x 11 softcover about 144 pages