Acrylic Circles and Acrylic Discs, 1/8" Thick

1/8" Thick Clear Acrylic Circles, 1/8" Thick Clear Acrylic Discs

Here is a great selection of acrylic circles and acrylic discs.
We do not polish the edges; our edges have a nice machined (routed) finish (laser cutting and flame polishing leads to eventual stress-cracks).

Acrylic Circles and Discs are clear and approx. 10 times stronger than glass.

See the respective material pages for material properties and thickness tolerance. Diameter tolerance is +/-  3/32".  Concentricity Tolerance +/-  3/32".  Note that it is your responsibility to smooth any sharp edges.

 Are you looking for acrylic circles or acrylic discs?  We offer a great selection of acrylic circles and acrylic discs made right here in the USA in our Painesville Township, Ohio facility.  Some of the uses are: Protecting table tops of end tables and dining tables allowing you to see your table through the clear acrylic disc, or see menus, photos, and advertisements placed beneath.  Acrylic circles are great as a base for the display of art, figurines, statues, and other items.  These can also be used as a base for acrylic tubes, industrial sight windows, view windows, or craft projects.  Others use these as acrylic cake circles and acrylic cake boards to support their baked goods and cakes.

Custom Cut Information:

We do not custom cut plastic circles and plastic discs.