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Polypropylene Sheet, 1-5/8" Thick

 Polypropylene Sheet, 1-5/8" Thick

High stiffness. Excellent chemical resistance. Good Impact resistance. Temperature range 32-190F. Translucent white color. Easy machining

Tolerances: Thickness +/- 10%. Length and width +/- 1/4". When we buy 48" X 96" sheets from the manufacturer, they give us a tolerance of +/- 1/4" on length and width. We also use a 3/16" thick blade to cut heavy materials, which reduces the finished size of your sheet. Sheets under 48" X 96" will likely be under, not over. We will be happy to quote a price for sheets that you require to be at or over the specified size.



1-5/8 X 12 X 12 Polypropylene SheetSKU PP16251212$149.30 $111.98111.98
PP16251212 1-5/8 X 12 X 12 Polypropylene Sheet
1-5/8 X 12 X 24 Polypropylene SheetSKU PP16251224$298.60 $223.95223.95
PP16251224 1-5/8 X 12 X 24 Polypropylene Sheet
1-5/8 X 24 X 24 Polypropylene SheetSKU PP16252424$597.20 $447.90447.90
PP16252424 1-5/8 X 24 X 24 Polypropylene Sheet
1-5/8 X 12 X 48 Polypropylene Sheet SKU PP16251248 $597.20 $447.90447.90
PP16251248 1-5/8 X 12 X 48 Polypropylene Sheet
1-5/8 X 24 X 48 Polypropylene Sheet SKU PP16252448 $1,194.40 $895.80895.80
PP16252448 1-5/8 X 24 X 48 Polypropylene Sheet
PP16253648 1-5/8 X 36 X 48 Polypropylene Sheet
Note: This can be relatively expensive to ship because it is considered oversize. Consider multiple smaller pieces if you don't need it all in one piece.
1-5/8 X 48 X 48 Polypropylene Sheet-MOTOR FREIGHT ONLY SKU PP16254848$2,388.80 $1,791.601791.60
PP16254848 1-5/8 X 48 X 48 Polypropylene Sheet-MOTOR FREIGHT ONLY
*Quantity Pricing Available. Follow link for details.

We now custom cut at a small additional charge, $1.00 per piece. Here's how to get it done:

1). Choose the stock size that is larger than the size you need and enter the quantity. Click "add to cart"

2). In the text box BELOW the item on the checkout page, write the size that you would like it cut to. Specify the size in whole and fractional INCHES. Example: 23 X 16-1/4. No need to put inch marks ("). We will consider all figures to be inches-DO NOT SPECIFY IN FEET. Do not put any other information in the text box, only the size.

3). Checkout, or continue shopping. Thats it! We will custom cut it to your specified size, we keep any cutoff pieces.


Please Note:

A). We will not cut a piece into many smaller pieces, we will only reduce it to one size. We keep any cutoffs. We cannot do shapes other than a square or rectangle.

B.) Except as noted above, cutting tolerance is +/- 1/16". This means that your piece may be over or under your requested size by 1/16". Note that the initial tolerance of the piece we begin with is +/- 1/4", which may affect your requested size. As an example, say you wanted our 1/4 X 24 X 24 custom cut to 24 X 19. Since the piece we start with is already 1/4" undersize due to the initial tolerance, we are cutting from a piece that is actually 23-3/4 X 23-3/4. Therefore, the piece we send you will be actually 23-3/4 X 19. If it had to be exactly 24, you would have to order a larger size. We cannot accept returns because you failed to recognize this, so please be sure!

C). Edges are sawcut. We do not finish edges. Because of tolerance and thickness variations, do not expect all pieces to fit together properly if you are building a box, aquarium, etc. Finish sizing is up to you.

D). If you are ordering MANY of the same item and only want SOME of them custom cut, enter them separately. For example, if you want 5 pieces 24 X 24 but only need 2 of them custom cut, place '2' in the quantity box, add it to your cart, then specify the custom size. Then go back to that page and put '3' in the quantity box and add it to your cart.

E). Cutting charges will be added.