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General Machining Books

Check Out These Really Cool, Old Reprinted Books! Described By Lindsay Publications as "Unusual Technical Books, Past And Present, Of Exceptionally High Quality Revealing Skills And Secret Processes Almost Forgotten"! Books on how to run a lathe, aircraft sheet metal work, more to come-check back soon! Many are from the early 1900's, and are brand new reprints. Excellent as a gift for that hobbyist in the family. (Narratives and photos copyright Lindsay Publications, used with permission).

Aircraft Sheet Metal Work 1942-SHIPPING INCLUDED!
Price: $17.45

Aircraft Sheet Metal Work 1942
by Norcross & Quinn
reprinted by Lindsay Publications

Have you ever seen the smooth contours and perfect transitions on the skin of a DC-3? How did they do that? Airplanes, like custom autos, are exquisite examples of sheet metal craftsmanship. This book will show you.....
No. 21893

Babbitt Bearing Techniques-SHIPPING INCLUDED!
Price: $7.95

Babbitt Bearing Techniques

These days we use bronze bushings, ball bearings, and roller bearings. At one time, though, bearings were cast from Babbitt metal, an alloy of tin, antimony and lead. It was very similar to type metal used in Linotype machines or solder. It was also called soft metal or white metal.....
No. 22440

Chucks: Review And Restoration, 1913-SHIPPING INCLUDED!
Price: $7.95

Chucks: Review And Restoration, 1913

Here are a series articles starting in 1913 that discuss chucks. You get photos and discussions on a couple of unusual chucks patented in England, but probably.....

Grinding And Lapping, 1907 And Earlier-NO LONGER AVAILABLE, DO NOT ORDER
Price: $114.95
Lead Screws, Gears, And Pantographs, 1920's-SHIPPING INCLUDED!
Price: $7.95

articles from Machinery Magazine
reprinted by Lindsay Publications

Knuckleheads insist you must have a lathe in order to build a lathe. If that's true, then how was the first one made? Similarly, you don't need a precision master.....
No. 22326

Machine Shop Odds & Ends, 1900's-SHIPPING INCLUDED!
Price: $9.50

Articles from Machinery Magazine
reprinted by Lindsay Publications Inc

Check out these unusual, informative, and interesting articles that don't easily fit into any one convenient category.

Parsons developed the first practical steam turbine. Go back to 1913 and see how 60,000 new blades were.....
No. 22415

Machine Tool Adjustment-SHIPPING INCLUDED!
Price: $7.95

Machine Tool Adjustment

articles from Machinery Magazine
reprinted by Lindsay Publications Inc

Another collection of short but sweet articles from post-WWI era issues of Machinery magazine on machine tools and their testing and adjustment.

First you get an interesting article on new Drummond lathes. You are not only told....
No. 22810

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