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Clear Plexiglass Sheet

Clear Plexiglass Sheet 072317

Clear Plexiglass Sheet

Clear plexiglass acrylic sheets are at  Diverse inventory, fast shipping and great prices means we have what you need in sheets and panels of acrylic at



acrylicsheet125.jpgClear Plexiglass Sheet, 1/8" Thick acrylicsheet187.jpgClear Plexiglass Sheet, 3/16" Thick acrylicsheet250.jpgClear Plexiglass  Sheet, 1/4" Thick
acrylicsheet375.jpg Clear Plexiglass Sheet, 3/8" Thick acrylicsheet500.jpg Clear Plexiglass Sheet, 1/2" Thick acrylicsheet750.jpg Clear Plexiglass Sheet, 3/4" Thick
acrylicsheet1000.jpg Clear Plexiglass Sheet, 1" Thick Acrylic Sheet 1-1/4" Thick
Clear Plexiglass Sheet, 1-1/4" Thick

plastic material butt.jpg

Plexiglass sheet, which is really spelled "plexiglas" (one 's') is a clear, transparent material that is very strong.  In fact it's about 10 times stronger than glass.  Plexiglass is also clearer than glass.  Plexiglas is a trademarked  brand name of acrylic that many use in the generic sense to describe acrylic sheet  and there are many equivalent or better sheets of acrylic.  We carry a full line of acrylic plexiglass sheets in so many thicknesses and formats that we have hundreds of of plexiglass combinations ready to go.  We have thick sheets such as 1-1/4" sheets and thin sheets like 1/8" plexiglass.  These can be used for windows, aquariums, greenhouses, doors, plexiglass skylights, and displays.  There are so many uses for acrylic plexiglass sheet that it is an extremely popular material.   It 's even used for artwork and acrylic plexiglass art is an emerging art form.  Let supply you some great sheets of acrylic.  Just click a thickness to get started.  Custom cutting of plexiglass acrylic sheets is also available.