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Aircraft Sheet Metal Work 1942-SHIPPING INCLUDED!

Aircraft Sheet Metal Work 1942
by Norcross & Quinn
reprinted by Lindsay Publications

Have you ever seen the smooth contours and perfect transitions on the skin of a DC-3? How did they do that? Airplanes, like custom autos, are exquisite examples of sheet metal craftsmanship. This book will show you how it was done in 1942.

Chapters include blueprint reading; shop math; properties and standards of aircraft materials; how to measure; templates; aircraft sheetmetal layout; how to cut sheet; files and how to use them; forming, stamping, and hydraulic presses; drilling and how to do it; how to rivet; jig assembly in modern aircraft factories; skin fitting; spot welding; and shop projects.
Aircraft Sheet Metal Work

You learn to work sheet metal in the most basic terms. You'll see a man removing wrinkles from a curved sheet using a planishing hammer and bumping stake. And a man bending an extrusion to an irregular shape using a rawhide hammer over a V block. Or a man using a bucking bar while riveting. Or a man using a vixen file to rapidly trim an aluminum alloy sheet.

This is all nuts-and-bolts how-to. No fancy theory or math. One of the best sheet metal books I've ever seen. Just what you need to help you restore your Bugatti. Or make a radio chassis or tool box. Excellent book. Get a copy. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 paperback 285 pages
No. 21893

Aircraft Sheet Metal Work 1942-SHIPPING INCLUDED!