I Hate


Help us get and keep our 'F' at the BBB, get a FREE book as our apology, AND we will give $500.00 to charity.  They Stink.

Please file a complaint against us with The Better Business Bureau. We beg you.  Please!  Read on...

The Better Business Bureau stinks and here's why.  They claim to know about our company and it's behavior and then pretend to have the knowledge to assign a rating to us.  Here's a quick example about this joke of an organization: We moved to a new location and for almost 3 years the BBB had our old address on their website.  During that time they maintained a phony rating for us, maintained our old address while clueless as to our new location, and pretended to know who we are  WHEN THEY DIDN'T EVEN KNOW OUR ADDRESS which was clearly on our website the entire time!  Lazy!  They stink.  More BBB stink: A check of their website also reveals a list of "alternate business names" they have for us.  One of them is false.  But they put it on there as if it's true.  How can anyone rely on them?  Why are they publishing false business names for  Because they are lazy and they stink.  They're a joke.  We won't correct them.  It's their job to seek the truth.  If they can't verify information they shouldn't put it up, plain and simple.

It has been our experience that the BBB uses a very lazy "default method";  They insinuate something through a false and uncorroborated third party complaint.  Many of these complaints can be competitors trying to hurt you and we have identified one as just that.  The BBB has no way of knowing if it is true or false because if they are not a party to a transaction we will not confirm, deny, or divulge customer interactions to them.  It's none of their business.  Period.  Since we take our customer relationships seriously, we protect your information from everyone including the stinky BBB so they have no way of corroborating anything.  
If we don't take time to play their game and correct them they seem to default to insinuating it is true or at the very least they won't conspicuously tell you they can't verify if it's true.  If they want to be transparent they should clearly tell you they are publishing unverified information.  But they don't. They are lazy.  They stink.

WE ARE AN A+ COMPANY IN SPITE OF THIS JOKE has been in business a very long time and we ship thousands and thousands of items a year.  The BBB has contributed nothing to our success and they are a joke. Remember, they didn't even know our address.  For those of you that do know us you know that we are excellent at what we do.  We get it to you quick with a near 100% on time shipping and order accuracy.  We are an A+ company and we prove it to YOU the customer and that's all that matters to us.  You.  The BBB has no idea because we refuse to tell them anything about you or our success yet they pretend to know by giving us a phony grade.   Why don't we engage with them?  The BBB  is a private organization.  A business.  They employ people.  They pay salaries and wages.  They want to sell us a product like some type of accreditation nonsense.  They are not a government organization.  They have no power.  They are toothless.  They give us phony grades.  Like any other telemarketer fishing for information we hang up on them and refuse to engage.  If anyone including the BBB wants us to hand over private information on you or ourselves the answer is no.

Many years ago the BBB had rated us as an 'F'.  They would have no idea who we are, what we do, and had no justification for this, would they?  None.  But we were an 'F'.  They sent us a letter telling us we were an 'F' and along with the letter was a two page "Business Questionnaire" asking for personal, proprietary information.  I later found out they wanted to sell us some type of services to improve our phony grade.  They had the problem AND the solution.  So why would anyone believe them?  How does this benefit you?  It doesn't and it causes confusion but I think people are starting to figure it out.  Don't take it from us, look at these national news articles from CNN, ABC, etc. about alleged paying for favorable ratings, alleged corruption, alleged incompetence, and alleged misconduct at the BBB and you decide:

ABC News: Terror Group gets 'A' Rating From BBB?

They said we're an "F" but these companies got 'A's? Read CNN Money

CNN Money: How The Better Business Bureau Rakes In Millions

After reading these news stories why would anyone trust them?  Are they encouraging and/or publishing baseless, unsupported complaints to strong arm a business into paying up?  Can you trust a company that may engage in such behavior?  Are they just another purveyor of "fake news"?

We know we are an A+ and we always will be.  Our most recent phony grade with the Stinky BBB is an unsubstantiated B-.  It's phony and baseless and if we are going to be given a phony, bad grade we want to earn the worst phony grade possible.  While continuing our tradition of A+ service, our goal is to get as many complaints as possible to be rated 'F' by the BBB.  If you feel like complaining about us for any reason please do it!  There must be something you don't like about us.  We are serious and promise to not hold it against you.  

Here's some of the things we may have done wrong:
  • Shipping too fast.  Many times a customer calls to change or add to an order they just placed only to find out it has already shipped.  You may want to complain that we couldn't change your order because we shipped it too fast.
  • Maybe you think we burped or coughed on the phone.  This is rude and you should complain.
  • Sometimes we answer on the fourth ring but it went to voicemail on the third.  You don't deserve that.  Complain about this bad customer service to the BBB.
  • You broke your stuff and we won't replace it.  Now and then a customer receives a perfectly good piece of plastic, mistreats it beyond it's capabilities and blames it on us.  Did you drill a hole too fast and crack your project?  Did you squirt glue all over it and ruin it?  Blame us!  Complain to the BBB.
  • Did you ask us to cut your $3.00 piece of material into a trapezoidal Christmas tree for free and we canceled your order because we don't do that?  Complain to the BBB.
  • We are a warehouse and not a store.  You can't visit.  You can't walk in.  This keeps costs down.  You might think this is wrong so complain to the BBB, please!
  • We are closed on weekends to allow our employees to have lives but that means you have to wait until Monday to call us.  If this is wrong please complain to the BBB.
As much as you love us, we want to know every single thing that you hate about us however petty it may be.  Our goal is to get 1,000 complaints through the BBB.  Yes, one thousand!    Please be as serious but humorous as possible in your complaint.  We will be awarding a prize to what we feel is the funniest complaint when we receive the one thousandth complaint.  The faster you complain the faster we can award the prize.  We are begging for your help to get an 'F' and become the better business that the stinky BBB thinks we should be.
How do you know that anything posted on the BBB site is nothing more than a disgruntled competitor, or, someone just like you helping us maintain our 'F'?  Well yes, it's most likely you and many of our loyal customers, gladly helping us maintain a perfect 'F' and we sincerely thank you for helping us achieve our goal of maintaining an 'F' with the Stinky BBB.
Fart Cookbook
The BBB stinks like a bad fart so for every complaint we get in the mail from the BBB with your name and address in the complaint, we will send you a FREE copy of the I Love To Fart Cookbook (U.S. addresses only, 1 per complainant while supplies last).  Please, we want to be a "better business" and we want to see the most humorous complaints so we are BEGGING YOU to complain about us to the BBB and give us THE WORST GRADE POSSIBLE to help us achieve a grade of 'F'.  No purchase is necessary and you don't have to be a customer, you just have to be "mad" at us.  If you think you didn't  get your fart book fast enough, well, complain to the Better Business Bureau and perhaps they can help us be a better business and ask us to speed it up, but remember, the Stinky BBB must mail us the complaint so that we know it's legitimate and it must contain your mailing address.

We will not accept online or emailed complaints from the BBB because we don't trust the links they ask us to click in their emails.  Insist that they mail it to us and keep your fingers crossed that they mail it to the right address.  We will ignore the BBB as usual.

We will tabulate the postage the BBB spends mailing complaints to us and once their postage reaches $500.00, should we donate $500.00 of our money to the charity of our choice in the name of the Stinky BBB?  We have not yet decided on a charity and don't plan on disclosing it until we write the check so that it doesn't appear we are trying to inspire complaints by using a specific charity.  We will of course do a press release and announce on our site when we have done so.
You may suggest a charity to