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PVC Sheet, 5/8" Thick

PolyVinylChloride Sheet (PVC), 5/8" Thick

Excellent for outdoor exposure. Paintable. Glue with PVC pipe cement.  Weather resistant.
High tensile, compressive, and flexural strength.
Type I. Dark
Grey in color.

Tolerances: Thickness +/- 10%. Length and width +/- 1/4". When we buy 48" X 96" sheets from the manufacturer, they give us a tolerance of +/- 1/4" on length and width. We also use a 3/16" thick blade to cut heavy materials, which reduces the finished size of your sheet. Sheets under 48" X 96" will likely be under, not over. We will be happy to quote a price for sheets that you require to be at or over the specified size.
Dimensions given in inches unless otherwise specified.