We have a manufacturer of industrial plastic tanks under the same roof.  Our tanks are hand built right here in Painesville Twp., Ohio to our strict specifications, NOT purchased overseas and resold like so many others.  We can fabricate just about any tank you would need in addition to our stock line of plastic tanks.  If you have a product that uses a plastic tank, let us be your quality supplier.  We can add your tank to our site so that your customers may buy it as a replacement or accessory.  Plastic tanks are usually made of polypropylene, but we can also fabricate PVC tanks, Kynar PVDF tanks, CPVC tanks, acrylic tanks, polycarbonate tanks, and tanks from other plastic materials as well.  Plastic tanks are used for corosives, liquid handling, plating, testing, pressure washing, concrete cutting systems, carpet cleaner trucks and other truck mounted equipment, and many other uses.

Take a look at the stock plastic tanks we offer under the plastic tanks link in the left margin.  If our stock line won't work for you, give us a call to discuss your plastic tank needs.