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Lathe Books

Check Out These Really Cool, Old Reprinted Books! Described By Lindsay Publications as "Unusual Technical Books, Past And Present, Of Exceptionally High Quality Revealing Skills And Secret Processes Almost Forgotten"! Books on how to run a lathe, aircraft sheet metal work, more to come-check back soon! Many are from the early 1900's, and are brand new reprints. Excellent as a gift for that hobbyist in the family. (Narratives and photos copyright Lindsay Publications, used with permission).

The Care And Operation Of A Lathe, 1942-SHIPPING INCLUDED! $10.00
Care and Operation of a Lathe, 1942
by Sheldon Machine Co.

Comparable to "How to Run a Lathe". Everything you need to know to start machining metal. 1942. Great book. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 softcover 112 page

Bench Lathe Manufacture And Handscraping, 1921 -SHIPPING INCLUDED! $7.95
Bench Lathe Manufacture And Handscraping, 1921

In this series of articles reprinted from Machinery Magazine about 1921 you get details on how precision bench lathes were quickly and accurately built with ordinary rather than custom built machine tools. You'll walk through the Potter and.....

Lathe Notes Two-OUT OF PRINT, NO LONGER AVAILABLE $0.00 22288
Lathe Notes Two

articles from Machinery Magazine
reprinted by Lindsay Publications

Yeah, I know. You can't bring yourself to admit it. But it's true. The Brits have been the leaders at model building in the home machine shop, what they call "model engineering". One reason is that small, reasonably priced, yet.....

Lathe Notes Three-SHIPPING INCLUDED! $7.95
Lathe Notes Three

Articles from Machinery Magazine
Reprinted by Lindsay Publications

Devour a couple of lengthy articles written during WWI. It's a detailed comparison of British and American lathe design: bed types and shapes, saddle dimensions, headstock types and drives.....,

Lathe Notes Four-OUT OF PRINT, NO LONGER AVAILABLE $0.00 22504
Lathe Notes Four
from Machinery Magazine
reprinted by Lindsay Publications

Thread cutting in a lathe. That's what this is about. Today most threads are cut rapidly by rolling a cylinder between two dies. When precision is required, threads.....

Chucks: Review And Restoration, 1913-SHIPPING INCLUDED! $7.95
Chucks: Review And Restoration, 1913

Here are a series articles starting in 1913 that discuss chucks. You get photos and discussions on a couple of unusual chucks patented in England, but probably.....

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