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The Boy Mechanic, Volume Three HARDCOVER

$31.45 $19.99 Sale Price

Only 800 things for boys to do in this volume. Just 800... (Narratives and photos copyright Lindsay Publications, used with permission). [More Information Below]
The Boy Mechanic, Volume Three

Only 800 things for boys to do in this volume. Just 800...

This third volume seems to be somewhat more outdoors oriented than the first two volumes. You get ideas on building a coasting toboggan, sail driven ice boat, instructions on skiing, casting for game fish, on building a canoe, a house boat, a portable fishing boat, tricks of camping out and much more. You'll find great ideas on building a boy's homemade motor car, mission furniture, a searchlight, a dragon kite, a model mono-plane, a circular swing, a merry-go-round, a aerial cableway, a miniature fighting tank, a machine gun, a small working pile driver,homemade electric model train set, plans for a variety of photographic equipment,a miniature illuminating gas plant, a hydraulic turbine, and much, much more.

More of the same entertaining illustrated how-to stories. From 1919! Your copy is waiting. Just say the word. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 HARDCOVER 476 pages

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