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Good For Ribs, Bread, Large Cuts Of Beef, Pizza, Etc.  Corners and edges on both sides of 1/2", 3/4", 1" and 1-1/2" poly plastic cutting boards are rounded over.  3/8" plastic poly cutting board edges are rounded over on one side only.
SAVE 15% by ordering your board with unfinished edges/corners (edges will be sawcut and corners will be square). You will be given the choice AFTER adding it to your cart.

We will reduce the size of most any square or rectangle cutting board that we sell for only $1.00. How to order:

1). Choose the stock board that is larger than the size you need, enter the quantity and add it to your cart.

2). In the shopping cart, answer the questions and enter the size that you would like it cut to. Specify the size in whole and fractional INCHES. Example: 23 X 16-1/4. No need to put inch marks ("). We will consider all figures to be inches-DO NOT SPECIFY IN FEET. Do not put any other information in the text box, only the size.

3). Continue shopping or checkout. That's it! We will custom cut it to your specified size, we keep any cutoff pieces. We will not cut a board into many smaller boards, we will only reduce it to one size. We cannot do shapes other than a square or rectangle. All edges and corners will be rounded unless you order it unfinished.



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On all plastic materials, dimensions are in INCHES unless otherwise specified
Protective masking on materials, if any, may be paper, film, or both.

MOTOR FREIGHT ONLY items have a separate minimum requirement.  See our faq page.
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