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4" Norwesco 316 Stainless Full Coupling 8 Bolt with EPDM Gasket

4" FNPT Norwesco 316 Stainless Steel Bolted Tank Fitting, Full Coupling (Double Threaded) 8 Bolt Complete. Includes EPDM Gasket -and- Anti-Seize Compound.
The 4" has a ROUND body, not hex as shown in the photo

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This is a 4" Norwesco 316 Stainless Steel Bolted Bulkhead Tank Fitting, Full Coupling (Double Threaded) 4 Bolt with EPDM Gasket Included.  Also known as a 4" bolted tank fitting or a 4" bolted bulkhead fitting, and sometimes as a 4" bolted rhino fitting.  This is not a 4" rhino fitting but a similar, much better Norwesco alternative to 4" rhino fittings.
These Are Genuine  316 Stainless Steel Norwesco Bulkhead Tank Fittings with EPDM gasket included!  Female NPT each side.
You MUST use an anti-seize compound on the threads prior to assembly.

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