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I love To Fart Cookbook



I Just Love to
Fart Cook Book

by Pazzin Gazz

Yup. A book YOU don't need. I've heard that since you moved into town, no one any longer complains about the stench from the local sewer plant. Now people can only smell you! Well, on the other hand, maybe you DO need this just to give them something to continue complaining about! You get fantastic recipes like Chinese Pickled Cabbage, Swamp Gas Stew a la Stink, Vegetarian Grenades, "Butt Bustin'" Bean Soup, Zucchini Zingers, Rectal Rocket Fuel, and many others. And every recipe was tested and approved by the staff and customers of the "Farts-R-Free" Bar & Grill. You also get Notable Events in Flatulence History, including the explosion in Georgie Gazzmayne's garage, Herbert Boopster's process for extracting Essence of Fart Oil, the First Stink Ejector and many more. Yup. Tasteless! Irreverent! Disgusting! In other words, book you'll surely enjoy. Or someone you know will surely enjoy. Or better yet, someone you know who will be disgusted by it. Be sure to get multiple copies to pass out to people you no longer want as friends. Great gift. 'Specially for that person whose greatest thrill in life comes from releasing toxic butt fumes. Order a bunch! You'll like it. (Gas mask not included.) 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 softcover 64 pages

I love To Fart Cookbook
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