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3/4 X 24 X 24 Cellular PVC Trim Board Synthetic Wood Plastic Sheet White Smooth/Smooth


Synthetic Wood Plastic

Excellent for outdoor exposure. Paintable. Weather resistant.
100% New Plastic Material (lightweight PVC compound).
No sawdust or wood fillers like some other products.
Also known as TrimBoard and Palight.
Weight is approx. 2-1/2 lbs. per square foot.

Color is White.  Smooth on Both Sides. "True" Thickness.

This is a great material to replace wood in non-structural applications.  It is commonly sold at home retail stores in narrow widths as a trim, but we have it in much larger sizes!  Build a doghouse, bench, or other indoor/outdor project or use it as a weather resistant trim that NEVER NEEDS PAINT (unless you want to change the color).  Lightweight, easy to nail, staple, or screw.  Glue using clear PVC pipe cement available from your local home store.
15 Year Warranty From The Manufacturer.

Tolerances: Thickness +/- 10%. Length and width +/- 1/4". When we buy 48" X 96" sheets from the manufacturer, they give us a tolerance of +/- 1/4" on length and width. We also use a 3/16" thick blade to cut heavy materials, which reduces the finished size of your sheet. Sheets under 48" X 96" will likely be under, not over. We will be happy to quote a price for sheets that you require to be at or over the specified size.
Dimensions given in inches unless otherwise specified.
Note that our synthetic wood plastic thicknesses are "true".  For example, 3/4" thick wood lumber usually measures 5/8" thick.  Our 3/4" synthetic wood plastic, however,  is a true 3/4" within the specified tolerances.

3/4 X 24 X 24 Cellular PVC Trim Board Synthetic Wood Plastic Sheet White Smooth/Smooth
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