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We Make It, And It's The Absolute Best. &

3/8" Thick Clear Lexan.  3/8" Thick Grey Polyteak. Stainless Steel Square Drive Industrial Screws.
We Designed It.  We Build It Made To Last.  Period.

We are proud to introduce you to the very best birdfeeder ever available.  First, we start with 3/8" thick Polyteak, a tough  industrial material designed for the marine and boating industry.  Polyteak is designed to withstand constant submersion in seawater and exposure to sun and ultraviolet rays.  It is used for marine swim platforms, hatches, counters, and doors.   Then we precision machine it into the side panels, and drill 11 holes in each side for the stainless fasteners.  The top is machined, then heated and  bent from one solid piece.

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Now the Lexan.  Used in security windows, bulletproof in laminated versions.  Repeated blows from a baseball bat bounce right off.  250 times stronger than glass.  It's in our feeder.  We take 3/8" thick Lexan and cut it to size (many feeders use 1/8" acrylic, a thinner, weaker material).  Then we precision-drill the assembly holes.  All pieces are fitted together, the PVC perches are installed,  and everything is fastened with 22 stainless steel screws to form an extremely strong unit.  We then add a zinc plated, heavy duty hanger chain and hook assembly that locks the lid in place. 

Won't Rust Or Rot * Squirrel Resistant-They Can't Chew It Apart * Industrial Construction
See-Through Bottom-Know When It's Low * Heavy DutyChain And Hook Assembly
10 Year Guarantee On Material And Workmanship
Polyteak * Lexan * Stainless Steel

22Stainless Steel Screws
Strong Industrial Construction
Weather Resistant Materials

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Top Fully Removes For Easy Filling.
Thick, Chew Resistant Materials.
Large Volume Means Less Filling

Thwarts Squirrels.
Heavy S-Hooks Lock TheLid In Place

Clear Lexan Bottom Shows When It's Empty
Easy To See From The Ground
Saves Time And Effort

<-------Heavy Duty Chain Assembly

Approximate Dimensions:
12" Wide X 5-3/4" Deep X 16" High
Weight: 7 Pounds

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