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Vittles Vault Gaskets

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Replacement Gaskets For The Vittles Vault
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If you have a vittles vault with an 11"-12" Gamma Seal Lid, this is the gasket you need.  This is a replacement gasket for all  Gamma vittles vault and Gamma vittles vaults with the 11"-12" screw on gamma seal lid cover.  This o-ring gasket goes around the top edge of the screw cover for a fresh, tight seal.

Replacement Gasket For Large Gamma Seal Lid (2 Pack)
Made of Black Buna N Rubber
Tighter Fit, Higher Quality Than The Original

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Replace your lost or damaged gaskets. This o-ring goes around the top edge of the large 11.75" 5.0 Gamma Seal
and the large 11.75" Vittles Vault 5.0 Gamma Seal screw cover for a fresh, tight seal.
Higher quality than the original. Sold as a 2 pack.