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Rain Barrel Fittings

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Rain Barrel Fittings, Rain Barrel Fitting Kit With Valve, Rain Barrel Connection

Rain Barrel Fitting Rain Barrel Faucet
Rain barrel fitting kit assembled
Rain Barrel Faucet Rain Barrel Fitting Kit parts
These 3 parts are included in the rain barrel fitting kit

If you need fittings for your rain barrel or water barrel fittings we have them at freckleface.com.  These are used for making a solid connection through the wall of your rainwater barrel,  rain barrel or water barrel so that you may connect a garden hose.  Rain barrel fittings can be made of polypropylene, PVC, brass, steel, PVDF, CPVC, polypro or other plastic material as shown in the product description.  These are also called rain barrel bulkhead fittings and rain barrel connectors to hook up your garden hose.  Our rain barrel fittings are rust proof polypropylene and can quickly ship overnight or ground, your choice.  Simply place the rainwater barrel fitting through your hole in a flat area of the tank wall and install the nut for a proper seal.  Assemble the connector and Garden hose valve.  That's it!

Rain Barrel Fitting Kit. Complete With Tank/Barrel Fitting, Connector, and Garden Hose Valve

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This is everything you need to connect your garden hose to a rain barrel Complete rain barrel fitting kit include the tank/barrel fitting (requires 1-1/8" hole), connector, and garden hose shutoff valve. Turn on and off with only a quarter turn.