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Protein Skimmer Tube

Protein Skimmer Tube 042117
Protein Skimmer Tube

If you want high quality clear acrylic tube for protein skimmers look no further.  Customers that build their own protein skimmers use our cast acrylic tube because it is strong and very clear compared to extruded tube.  If you want inferior acrylic extruded tube, look elsewhere.  We only sell the best cast acrylic tube for aquarium use and protein skimmer projects.  Click on a wall thickness to see our clear cast acrylic tube for protein skimmers.

Acrylic Tube 125.jpg Acrylic Tube, 1/8" Wall Acrylic Tube 187.jpg
Acrylic Tube, 3/16" Wall
Acrylic Tube 250.jpg Acrylic Tube, 1/4" Wall Acrylic Tube 375.jpg Acrylic Tube, 3/8" Wall