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Plastic Circles, Plastic Discs

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Plastic Circles, Plastic Discs
Here is a great selection of plastic circles and plastic discs.  We have acrylic circles and acrylic discs, polycarbonate circles,
polycarbonate discs, polypropylene circles, and polypropylene discs. We also have PVC circles and PVC discs.
We do not polish the edges, edges have a nice machined (routed) finish.   

Acrylic Circles and Discs are clear and approx. 10 times stronger than glass
Polycarbonate Circles and Discs are clear and approx. 200-250 times stronger than glass
Polypropylene Circles and Discs are natural translucent white (allows light to pass through)
PVC Circles and Discs are Type I solid dark grey (no light or sight through material)

Acrylic Circles and Discs
1/8" Thick Acrylic Circles and Discs
1/4" Thick Acrylic Circles and Discs
3/8" Thick Acrylic Circles and Discs

Polycarbonate Circles and Discs

See the respective material pages for material properties and thickness tolerance. Diameter tolerance is +/-  3/32".  Concentricity Tolerance +/-  3/32".